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This is why I believe all women should be getting their wombs cleansed

A woman’s womb is the epicentre of life giving, the force that nurtures, grows and literally births new life into this world. For this reason, in many religions and spiritual modalities the womb is also considered to be a portal.

One doesn’t need to be attached to any form of spiritually to have respect and admiration for the womb’s facilitation, resilience and complexity. Our yonis literally expand to give new life, and regenerate monthly, after every cycle.

The womb sits within a woman’s sacral chakra, which is the chakra associated with sexual and creative expression, as well as emotions. So in spiritual terms, if a woman’s sacral chakra is out of balance, this could mean her womb is in need of some deep tender love and care. An imbalanced sacral chakra can manifest in a number of ways for women including feelings of codependency, overwhelm, and an underactive or overactive sex drive.

So in an attempt to go on a journey to reclaim my own womb, I’ve been on a metaphysical expedition to the heart of my own uterus, my very own centre of creation. Along my journey I have met some powerful medicine women who are dedicating their healing path to helping women work with the power that lives within their wombs to create abundance, prosperity, and love, a reclamation of their own divinity.

In my search for a deeper womb awakening, I recently decided to attend a womb ceremony that not only transformed my relationship with my womb, but my relationship to all women. Perhaps it was the multitude of guards that we all dropped in order to feel every part of the room, or maybe it was the itinerary of healing practices we shared, but I felt a softening and a gentleness that now allows me to to lead with empathy when I connect with women of the world, instead of seeing separation, I now see myself.

The workshop was held in a yoga studio filled with cushions and blankets for deep comfort, and we began with a sacred space opening ceremony. Our guide Siobhan then talked us through what to expect, followed by a moment for all women in the room to connect. The space had been blessed with flowers and fruits that were offered up to the matriarchal ancestors, while engulfing us in the aroma of paolo santo, a powerful aura cleanser.

The room was a full immersionary experience for the mind, body and soul, filled with deep oranges and reds to represent the base and sacral chakras. Together, all women in the space allowed themselves to be vulnerable and hold one another, as we practised the art of mirroring, a type of healing work which requires you to stare into the eyes of another and hold the gaze for a timed period, which we did with every single woman in the room. During this exercise, I felt like I had looked into the eyes of my grandmothers, mothers and children, as each woman told a thousand stories, without saying a single word.

Some of the other transformative types of healing we shared together included yoga stretches focused on the sacral chakra, breathing into the womb, and journaling that which we wished to release, and then receive. The ceremony was closed with ecstatic dancing and a sound journey, performed by Siobhan and a bodhran drum.

A thought that was inescapable during my time in that room, was how at home I felt in a circle of sisters, who’d all set the same intention, to heal themselves, and to create a vibration that rippled outwards to all women of past, present and future. I could feel my inner wild woman, thanking me for returning her to a space that she needed for nourishment.

It is surprising that something that felt so instinctive is an uncommon experience for women of modern day. Women’s circles are spaces where our ancestors would gather frequently to walk together with nature, heal together, bless the crops, and focus on the miracle of womanhood. The very essence of women’s circles is a primal instinct that lives within us, and evidence of their existence can be found in cave paintings and other ceremonial relics that date back thousands of years.

Since that ceremony, I have felt a new sense of vitality, and am more at home in my body. I am more aware of my cycles, and consequently feel more in touch with my emotions. Of course, the work is ongoing, and me and my womb have built a new kind of connection, one that will require understanding, love and time.

An enlightening and awakening experience, I recommend every wom(b)an should create the space to connect to her inner divine, her sacred point of creation, and see what magic unfolds for her.

Until next time bessies


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