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The Spark For A Broken Heart

The spark for me represents the feeling that you get when you inhale someone fully, and the space shared between you both reaches a conjoined equilibrium. That person makes you feel so ignited as if by being beside you, you could die in that very moment, and be the happiest you’ve ever been. You’re engulfed in flames of passion and they penetrate you on a cellular level, and your entire body is overcome with a maleficent ecstasy.

Sounds dangerously delectable, doesn’t it?

That is because it is. For the spark is a bitter-sweet symphony that you can taste and smell, like synesthesia, but for the entire body, whereby parts of the body begin to involuntarily surrender against the will of the heart.

But what happens when we chase a spark, with a gaping heart? How do we navigate holding a flame, when we’re deeply buried 6 feet under in pain?

There is no right or wrong answer here, we’ve all been rebounded, and we’ve all been rebounds, the hoe phase serves its purpose, and exists for a reason. But if like me, you’re a water sign and flow deep like the bottom of the ocean, how do we catch and contain our feelings? There is no magical fishing rod to save one’s heart from the turbulent waves, you just have to submit to the process.

I feel like as women, we’d do ourselves a massive favour by knowing ourselves fully before entering the dating game, but also being very real with ourselves when we knowingly walk into the lives of another, that despite our best intentions, we may fall hard, and yes, that could also mean off of the edge of a cliff.

So how do we engage with a spark while we still have a rawness festering inside of ourselves? Well after several self-implosions and soul explosions, I can concur, the only way to protect yourself is to avoid it completely.

It may be time to consider dating yourself, a new-fashioned concept that is filled with great benefits. Treat yourself the way you’d like them to treat you, and you’ll never tolerate any less, once you’re ready. And remember, the spark will come back to you way quicker, as you feel the life force re-enter your fingertips and you’ve made space for love again. Healing thyself is the most precious gift you can give to yourself, and it’s the quickest way to welcome the right spark, quicker.

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