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Sober Date Ideas

I felt the calling to write this little piece as we start to settle into January’s collective health consciousness.

Many use the month of January as their perfect opportunity to reevaluate their relationship with a familiar old friend, hoochie-mama. Of course, alcohol may at first appear to be your friend as that first drop of sweet liquor crosses your lips, but it isn’t long before your perception starts to shift as you soon reach for the last deposits of the bottle as we enter the next phase of drinking, deception.

I am in no way alcohol-shaming, but a wave of consciousness is rapidly spreading among the western youth as more people are opting for an alcohol-free lifestyle, or adopting the ways of mindful drinking.

So for those of you who want to remember the beginning, middle and end of your date, I have made a shortlist of some of my favourite things to do this January if you’re choosing to stay away from frisky moonshine, but still want to jump on the spice-wagon.

Top 5 Sober Date Ideas

1. Get Cultured, mon chérie

London is filled to the very fringes with free galleries and museums, so what are you waiting for? Culture dates are underrated, not only do they provide mental stimulation while you’re giving your crush the side eye, they provide plenty of conversation titillation to lessen your chances of awkward silences. It is also a good way to filter out the diamonds in the rough, because if he doesn’t like Pollock, it’s probably a no (you’re welcome).

2. Take it old school, all the way to the movies

That’s right, the oversized Fantas and £15 popcorn are making a comeback. I can already smell the nostalgia and hear the tack of my Nike’s attaching themselves to the soda-coated floors. Cinema dates are a great way to check someone’s social etiquette, and their movie taste. Let them pick the film and see where it takes you, you may well be watching a woman get disembowelled in a haunted forest, or laughing your way to the washroom while choking on your popcorn kernels, what an exciting gamble!

3. Boulder over my shoulder, darling

This one isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it’ll certainly get the adrenaline pumping through your veins, and hopefully all the way to your heart. Bouldering gained its popularity in the city in 2019, with bouldering sites popping up in every corner of town, remember, where there are hipsters, there are climbing walls. So book a rip-roaring day of indoor climbing, and if one of you falls, the other one can catch you, how Romeo and Juliette.

4. Get into the green, my Queen

It’s no secret that London is one of the greenest cities in the world, so get out there! Allow your busy brain to decompress while holding hands and strolling with your latest fancy. Regents Park, Hyde Park, Battersea and Victoria Park are among some of the most popular and each have their own attractions. And don’t forget to live your best Snow White fantasy and take some nuts for the squirrels!

5. Mine’s an oat milk latte, per favore

I’ve left the crème de la crème of sober dates until last, coffee. Aromatic, sweet, timeless, priceless café noir. This is a fool-proof date in a city filled with caffeine enthusiasts. This date offers a dash of class too if you do your background research on an independent, ethical coffee house. Tip: I would avoid Starbucks where possible, your mocha-fluffy-creature-chino isn’t likely to impress anyone.

All jokes aside, these are timeless date choices, and I totally recommend them! They are also the perfect way to keep your knickers on all the way to your front door, if that is your intention of course.

Until next time bessies.


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