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How do we love again?

The content of this blog article is a personal self-reflection.

Another day, another swipe, another date, another Hinge-hype fallen to ashes, another dating disaster, another trigger wound, another unreliable and unresolved person allowed into your intimate room, and yet, you keep getting back up again.

Showing vulnerability takes great strength and courage, and there is no greater courage than showing up to a strange space, with a person who may as well be from an alien race, and saying without saying “hey, I’m here, do you see me?” We whisper these words to total strangers through body language and gestures, but how do we, in a sea of billions of people, find the one that will understand it all, hold it all, the good, the dark, the utmost raw parts of us.

We are in a world and age where perfection is celebrated, yet never reached, a word that is more loaded than an AK47, it is unobtainable because it doesn’t exist. So when we’re spoilt for choice, consistently hoping for more, and standing in the firing line of outward projections while holding our heart close to our chests, how do we love?

And if we have loved, how do we love, again?

The broken heart ripples through space and time, it lives in our psyche, it pulsates through us, it ripples outwards as we listen to the words of a torn-atrium in almost every song that pours from the radio, and yet, we remain hopeful, hopeful to the truth, that love really is the only thing that is real.

To love again, or to be open to loving again, takes the strength of a warrior, and the “inner work” of a trek up an inconceivable mountain, and yet, we climb.

We have to climb, because all there truly is, is the experience that we are living, and living is loving, and loving is living. If we stop climbing, we no longer cease to exist beyond the physical, we stop at our flesh, skin, and bones.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, to love means to love oneself first, but to love yourself enough to let love in, that is where the true work begins, but also the magick.

So, in essence, I do not have the answer to my questions, this is an internal monologue to say to you my sweet girl, keep climbing, because you are worth the whole panoramic view, you are with the expanse of the great sky and the land beneath, you are worth every blade of grass and she breathes back into the Earth, because that is who you truly are.

Never give up loving, because you are love, and you deserve to be loved.

Until next time bessies


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