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Healing Ancestral Heartache

If you have loved, and been loved. If you lost, and been lost, then this article is for you.

We have all cried for the breaking of our own hearts, but have you ever sat and mourned the hearts of the women in your bloodline?

Have you ever sat with the pain of love and separation of war? Or sat with the roles your great-grandmother had to perform before she was allowed to have true freedom of action, and glide the earth with the grace of the ethereal spirit that lived within her? Have you ever mourned the women in your life who have been disempowered by the world around them living in fear of just being who they are?

If you haven’t, accept this as your sign that maybe you should.

Healing the wounds of the past within your family line, is a clearing that will have a profound effect for a lifetime. It is written code within our DNA that trauma can be inherited, or passed down through bloodlines, not only this, but if you consider how far back our bloodlines trace, you’ll start to understand the inherited web that inhabits the cells of our bodies.

Imagine, you are a sparkling, glowing, interdimensional being, with a DNA blueprint that has the power to elevate you beyond worlds, but without love, attention and maintenance, it can also store information that needs to be released in order to grow and flourish.

To have the honour to recognise and heal ancestral heartache is one of the most transformative things you can do for yourself, and the ones that you love, of past, present, and future. Healing these metaphysical bruises of the mothers, grandmothers and life-givers clears the way for seeds to grow in a luminescent way.

This is particularly true of romantic relationships. Any attempt to dishonour or disempower the divine feminine that radiates within all women, can create a sense of fragmentation in a romantic connection, you may just be reliving a storyline that was never yours in the first place. This fragmentation can outlay a series of consequences, including disempowering of self, unbalanced relationships, deep frustration, and the fear of speaking one’s own truth.

I say these words with only the softest intention, and from a place of knowing and experience.

So how do we love the wild woman within? How do we reconnect, and disconnect from the women in our storylines that have suffered? We purge, we forgive, and we honour.

Finding a community that can hold you, or support you on this journey is also integral. Connecting to wild women groups, sister circles and many other networks out there would be a great place to start, because if we hold each other, we hold all women,

Until next time bessies


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