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Dating Etymology: Adomen

Updated: May 18, 2023

Adomen [adomen]

Back by popular demand, the etymology of dating series..

Now this is an interesting word, it doesn't live within any dictionary you're likely to read, but for most of the female gender population, it is highly likely that you have encountered one of these specimens.

Often discovered after dark, rarely found in daylight.

Adomen lived out their mid-twenties jumping from one spliff to the next, from paycheque to paycheque, emptying out their overdrafts until they’re -0 again. They show up to parties uninvited because a friend of a friend met the host once in an overpriced London bar. It is here where the adomen will drink your gin, and smoke your marijuana.

They assume their lifestyle is completely irresistable to the you, and have no issues showing you their true selves, because you’ll be dazzled by their lifestyle, wanting your own piece of broken-ass pie. Adomen live in small caves that usually look like rooms, but you’ll know when you’re in a cave by the yellow-stained walls, broken vinyl records, and pizza stains on their unwashed bedding.

Pronunciation: aa-do-men

Definitions [adomen]

  1. A male of whom has passed adolescence but has not yet made it to manhood

  2. A male trapped between manhood and adolescence

  3. An under-developed adult male

  4. A human of male physiology who lives in darkened crevices (also known as caves), and lives on a diet of cold chicken wings, craft beer and stale pizza crusts


  1. Could you please pay for half the dinner bill, I am adomenning tonight

Thesaurus synonyms for [adomen]

manchild, boyman, dude, failed-husband

Read about that time I dated an Adoman.

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