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Dating Dictionary: Cat call [cat call]

Pronunciation: c-aat cau-l

Definitions [cat call]

  1. A futile attempt to gain the attention of an attractive young woman

  2. A type of co-created language among the men of the underworld, that cannot be understood by the mortal ear

  3. A series of tongue claps that is supposed to attract and arouse that of the opposite sex, but actually repulses them

  4. A type of modern-day language born, raised, and adapted on every London building site

  5. A language that can in fact be heard by cats


  1. I drove past her in my white van and thought PHWOAR, so I started cat calling her. To my surprise, she flipped me the finger and started chasing my van with a baseball bat

Thesaurus synonyms for [cat calling]

language of the underworld, an offense to cats, a desperate tongue click, modern-day mating call

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