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A Woman’s Body - The Vessel We Chose

Being a woman is fraught with expectations, limitations, and earthly requirements, but when we dare to strip it all away, we are spirits floating in a vessel that hosts a feminine figure, perspective and viewpoint.

If the soul transcends the body (which I believe it does), our spirit will choose the vessel we wish to inherit, we chose the body, because it was perfectly everything we desired to live out our earthly lessons, and pleasure.

Why do I believe this is relevant to International Women’s Month?

Well, because the world we’re living in has been created to perpetuate a cycle of always needing more, of needing to be greater, thinner, prettier, smoother, rougher, hairier, clean-shaven, highly strung, understrung, existing to please, and eventually undone at the requirements of another, and I say, enough is enough.

The standards we emit, the standards we inherit didn’t start with us, they never start with us.

Imagine if each and every divine woman could call back to herself the hours she spent in self-doubt. If we as women reclaimed the hours, months, and years lost to the anxiety of not being enough. We could have written an eternity’s worth of songs, rebuilt entire nations, worked with the Earth….

Our minds absorb information from the very moment our senses awaken, and from that moment on, we are learning behaviour via our surroundings, and the external that supports them.

Living in a world where women’s oppression goes back as far as the dark ages, and acknowledging that women have been penalised through history for being too beautiful (she must be a witch), too ugly (she must be damned to a life of solitude), too clever (she is a threat, take away her education) and so on, adds another layer to the burden that we carry.

So each and every woman sits with the responsibility of her female tribe that extends back beyond our comprehension, and it is up to us to choose our own story from here on in, and create the paradigm we wish to live in. We are not victims, if we take charge

The women we celebrate on International Women’s Month are the women of suffrage, the women of the past that carried the same metaphorical bruises, but didn’t let any external oppression prevent them from being in the light of who they truly are, and creating a greater world for women to exist within.

Only a warrior spirit would inherit a woman’s vessel, because it has the power to create life, as well as great physical and metaphysical transformation.

What I am trying to say is, the souls that live within women are not only buoyant they are sovereign.

So next time you think you are not good enough, or believe the next person that comments on something you did or said, remember, you are fucking incredible, and if you’re living in love, true love, deep love, there is no way you could ever be wrong.

Happy womanhood month, from my heart to yours.


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